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Typical Section: 20m road reserve
Typical Section: 16m road reserve
Typical Section: Pedestrian and cycle paths
Typical Section: 13m road reserve

Perceptions of lifestyle estates in South Africa have been coloured by the numerous quick-build examples, where apartments are densely packed and have no relationship with their surroundings. Such estates feel cramped and limiting. MSP Group had a different vision. Buh-Rein Estate would be a place where a healthy, active way of living would become the norm and there would be a warm community spirit.

Buh-Rein incorporates large areas of natural space, including 20 pocket parks and a central green zone designed around storm water drainage and outdoor activities. Pedestrian and cycling paths connect park areas with each other, with the shops and with other amenities on the estate. Even the wide, pedestrian-friendly streets are places to enjoy. There is little need to drive anywhere, in the people-focused townscape.

Buh-Rein Estate is an integrated lifestyle suburb with;

•  Easy access to all residents entering or leaving the estate
•  A combination of public and private estate roads
•  All buildings set well back from streets
•  Shopping Centre and petrol station easily accessed by visitors
•  Street routes and pathways encourage walking, jogging and cycling
•  Roofs and facades of buildings angled and staggered for visual variety
•  Overall architectural guidelines increase visual variety
•  Over 2000 trees planted within and alongside the estate
•  Central green zone designed around storm water drainage and outdoor activities

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